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Nurturing the Calling to Write Workshop

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The NURTURING THE CALLING TO WRITE workshop is for individuals who want to establish their passion for writing as well as business and community leaders who believe storytelling is a uniquely powerful means to energize, inspire and motivate people.

Each workshop is customized to meet the specific needs and interest of the group, but every workshop reveals why it’s important to value a calling to preserve stories and legacies, how to unlock barriers to creativity and design a flexible but productive writing life, and how to communicate so a message is received.

Have you ever thought about preserving your family stories so they can be shared with future generations? If you’re not sure how to begin, join workshop presenter and author Jodie Randisi for an inspirational morning, half-day workshop filled with creative ideas and instruction. Workshop fee includes Randisi’s 42-page DO THE WRITE THING guidebook.


WHEN: Tuesday, March 4th, 2014, 9:30AM to NOON

WHERE: Cascades Clubhouse, St. Augustine, FL

I’m always grateful when I get to present a DTWT workshop in my hometown. However, if you aren’t a local buddy (a Blufftonian, Beaufortite, Savannahian or Hilton Head Islander) but would like to schedule a workshop, please contact me.  

YOU and TEN FRIENDS can have a workshop!

If you and ten of your friends can get me to come to your location, I’M AVAILABLE! Also, if you know of, or have, a small group of writers or storytellers at your place of work and would like an intimate, small group creative writing workshop that can be paid for from the professional development kitty, I’M AVAILABLE!

Who should attend a DO THE WRITE THING WORKSHOP:

• Writers who want to improve their writing habits and write more, regularly.
• Writers who are blocked, stuck, or procrastinating.
• Writers with unfinished writing projects begging for completion.
• Writers who struggle to find the time to write.
• Writers with long term writing projects that feel miles from the finish line

  • Business leaders who believe storytelling is a uniquely powerful means to energize, inspire and motivate people.
  • Business owners who want to tell their company or product’s story in more engaging ways.
  • Community leaders who want to make an impact by conveying a message or an idea on a more personal level.
  • Managers who want to improve their ability to communicate vision.
  • Business owners who want to engender creativity and innovation within the company.
  • Teachers who want to reach students by fostering collaboration and bolster relationships.

Workshop Agenda

JodieAuthorCoachAs an author and educator, Jodie Randisi has spent a career observing and researching what it takes to connect with, inspire, and motivate a change in human behavior. Whether constructing a long speech or a short presentation, teaching a lesson in a classroom, writing an article, blog post or chapter in a book, success depends on storytelling.

Topics covered in the workshop include:

  1. Why it’s important to value and protect a calling to write.
  2. Why it’s necessary to preserve our stories and legacies.
  3. Four things you can do you uncover your calling/your legacy.
  4. Five things to do to conquer creativity apathy and confusion.
  5. How to turn a good story into a great story.
  6. Attacking the ten most common writing myths.
  7. Steps to take to design a productive writing life.
  8. How to communicate so others will listen – whether from a  podium or on the page.
  9. What to avoid when self-publishing.
  10. How to never be mistaken for an amateur by writing like a professional even if you aren’t a professional writer.
  11. The benefits and pitfalls of writers groups and conferences.